Mukuru, one of the largest money remittance businesses in southern Africa, operates a sophisticated technology platform that allows users to send or to receive money in a cost-effective manner. Mukuru is uniquely focused on serving low- and middle-income migrants who typically send money home to their families to cover basic living expenses and who otherwise rely on informal and inconsistent channels such as buses, taxis, friends, and family. Through Mukuru, customers can send money through more reliable channels via bank transfer, cash deposit, credit/debit card or via a Mukuru Money Card and/or mobile money wallet. Friends and family members of these customers can then receive the money through the same methods (cash collection, bank transfer, cash to card, or mobile money wallet).

Founded in 2004, Mukuru has established a powerful brand affinity with customers built on trust, reliability, and local engagement. The company has grown to operate over 90 remittance corridors, enabling more than 5 million individuals to receive funds to cover living expenses, school fees, medical expenses, and utility bills. Mukuru is supported by world-class regulatory and compliance systems, highly scalable technology architecture, and a comprehensive sales and distribution network.