March 7, 2017: Carolyn Campbell, Founding Partner and Managing Director at Emerging Capital Partners (ECP) was featured by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the US Government’s Development Finance Institution (DFI). In OPIC’s “Partner Profile,” Ms. Campbell spoke of the long-standing partnership with OPIC covering 22 investments and shared her insights on how investment in African businesses has benefited American businesses.

Commenting on the advantages of ECP’s partnership with OPIC, Ms. Campbell highlighted that OPIC, an active contributor to ECP’s Advisory Board meetings, has provided ECP with practical support, including direct intervention and diplomatic support, to effectively manage emerging market risk. Ms. Campbell also noted OPIC’s support incentivizes other global institutional investors to participate in fundraising, thereby increasing investor access to high-growth African markets as part of their portfolios.

Ms. Campbell’s interview additionally noted that investment on the continent has benefited American businesses, with numerous African businesses purchasing American-made goods and services from companies such as Cisco, General Electric, and Pepsi. For example, Java House, a chain of restaurants and coffee shops in East Africa, which has nearly quadrupled since ECP’s 2012 investment, imports food products from the US. Its stores were also designed by an American architectural firm.

Finally, Ms. Campbell highlighted that the continent’s future growth projections remain positive, with International Monetary Fund (IMF) data projecting that Africa will be the world’s fastest-growing region by 2020, with a steady growing household consumption rate of 3.8% through to 2025. The continent also has positive macroeconomic fundamentals, including a large youth population and a rapid urbanization rate.

To access OPIC’s full blog article, please click here.